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Substance Painter leaking UV

If you are painting some UV on Substance Painter and you notice that the brush strokes are bleeding/leaking to another parts of the UV, there's a big chance that the brush Alignment mode is set to Tangent Wrap. Simply change it to UV to avoid any bleeding/leaking. Example: Via: https://substance3d…

What is Texel Density?

Texel density  (also referred to as pixel density or texture density)  is a measurement unit used to make asset textures cohesive compared to each other throughout your entire world.  It’s measured in  pixels per centimeter   (2.56px/cm)  or  pixels per meter   (256px/m) . This in depth article…

How to Renew your V-Ray Personal Learning Edition (PLE) License

Here's an useful link .

Subdivision step-down guide

This image is a great example on how to accomplish subdivision in certain scenarios, for instance, if you need to subdivide from 5 to 3. Source:

V-Ray Render Elements Overview

A comprehensive overview of all V-Ray render elements:

Brief Builder

If you ever need some ideas for your art, checkout this amazing brief generator by Learn Squared: